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Find Out if the T-junction Brings Auspicious Qi or Not

The T-Junction Facing Your Home Could be Good Feng Shui


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Note: I will teach you how to get a compass reading if you don't know how to get one.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much is the service? It's USD $195.

Are there Feng Shui cures for houses at the end of a T-junction? Yes and no. It depends on the surroundings and what can be done.

Does T-junction Feng Shui apply to apartments? Yes. It also applies to houses, condos, and townhouses.

How bad can T-junction Feng Shui be? If all conditions of the Form are met, and you're gathering inauspicious Qi, then I would tell you to move out. Yes, it can do irreversible damage to you and/or your family.

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If you’re looking to purchase a home that’s on the end of a road or are currently living in one, don’t sweat. It may not be affected by the detrimental Qi that’s too fast and strong. What's more, the incoming Qi to the home could be a good thing. 

If you’d like to be sure, you can have me take a look for USD $195You’ll find out: 

  • Whether the house meets all conditions of a "T-junction Feng Shui house"
  • Whether the incoming Qi is auspicious or detrimental
  • Any other negative Feng Shui Forms affecting the house
  • Suggested cure(s) and course of action if applicable (I will NOT recommend items such as crystals, coins, Bagua mirrors, etc., and you'll know why)

The infamous T-junction Feng Shui, known to bring detrimental Qi because the incoming Qi from the road is too fast and strong. 

Well, that is not always the case. As a matter of fact, the incoming Qi can bring great wealth in some cases. I’m sure you’re thinking: “But wait… How? Why?” 

Not All “T-junctions” are T-junctions 

First, it’s because not all T-junctions are T-junctions. For instance, the size of the road relative to the house, apartment, or condo can completely negate the negative effects of the T-junction Feng Shui. So does the surroundings of the road leading to the house. 

Many conditions have to meet for a house at the end of a T-junction to have “T-junction Feng Shui.” A house at the end of the road does NOT mean the house has bad Feng Shui by default. This is the “Form” part of Feng Shui, which deals with what can be seen by the naked eye. 

Direction of T-junction Matters 

Aside from the conditions mentioned above, the direction of the incoming road to the house also needs to be considered. If the direction is auspicious, then great fortune awaits for the person who lives in that house. This is the “Li Qi” part of Feng Shui, which will require a compass reading. 

My practice combines both the Form and the Li Qi so you can get identify whether the T-junction is harmful. 

Case Study

I had engaged with many Feng Shui masters, but one opened my eyes. He told me that he was lucky to find the house circled in red below. Instead of signing the typical 1 year lease, he immediately signed a 3 year lease and asked his father to move in with him. According to him, that house was where he started his Feng Shui classes and gathered a sizable amount of students. His father's stagnant business also started growing year after year. 

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