Discover the Feng Shui of You and Your Home

This 100 page eBook tells you how your home's feng shui is affecting your life. Included are two real-life case studies where feng shui principles were applied and tested. After reading this eBook, you will:


“Victor's practical book is not about some antiquated theory about mythical beasts. It teaches you real world techniques you can apply to your daily life.” 
Gregory Batejan
New Jersey, NJ

Personal encounters and events that led me to write this eBook.


What’s Inside this eBook

About The Author

Victor Cheung is a data-driven marketing professional, and two of his biggest passions in life are data analysis and Feng Shui. In 2011, he encountered a series of unfortunate events where feng shui was said to be the culprit. Although this ancient knowledge intrigued him, he approached it with skepticism because of the lack of data to support its principles. When he began to study, apply, and test its principles, he witnessed its power first-hand. In the years that follow, he has been applying his feng shui knowledge and experiences to a select few. In 2014, after he encountered a unique case, he decided to put his findings and experiences in this eBook: Are You and Your Home a Match? 
Sheen Chen
Phillips Ranch, CA
“Unlike most feng shui books, this eBook uses science, experiences and true stories to help you know whether you and your home is a good match.”
Tanya Anderson
Seattle, WA
“I like how this book is filled with examples and images. Overall, it was an easy and fruitful read!”
  • Find out what aspects of your life, such as health, career, and love, are influenced by your home.
  • Know how to improve your well-being by adjusting your home's feng shui.
  • Discover whether your home is a match with you, using two real-life case studies as references.


1. Feng Shui Basics 

2. How Feng Shui Affects You



A New Perspective on Feng Shui

3. Your Lucky & Unlucky Directions

4. Finding Your Kua Number

5. What Your Kua Tells You

6. How the Eight Directions Impact You



Finding Your Unique Feng Shui Requirements

7. Designating the Eight Directions

8. Same Method, Multiple Use




How to Divide Your Home into Eight Areas

9. Best Ways to Use Eight Directions

10. If Your Front Door is a Mismatch

11. Matching with Family Members




Matching You with Your Home

12. Stories of Mismatch

13. Are You a Match with Your Home?




Are You a Match with Your Home?

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Are You and Your Home a Match?
Discover the feng shui of you and your home in 100 pages.
The eBook:
Make today the day you find out how your home's affecting your life, as well as what you can do to improve it.
Bonus Content:
Feng Shui Wealth & Education
Discover if you match the wealth & education areas of your home in 6 pages.
Complimentary information to help you decide whether you and your home is a match.
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“What I like about this eBook is that it is based on Victor's personal encounters and experiences. He uses science and true stories that helped me better understand feng shui and how I can use it to better my life.”
-- Sheen Chen, Phillips Ranch, CA
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