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"Laurent’s services are not limited only the immediate results of his expertise and knowledge, but he comes back time and time again to help, guide and improve your life and the areas you feel need a little extra care and attention. Always professional, always extremely friendly and most importantly – he is always correct!"
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Laurent Langlais

Feng Shui, Bazi, Tarot

Laurent Langlais is a unique French metaphysician based in London UK, offering Feng Shui for home and business, Bazi analysis, Tarot reading and life coaching.
He was featured on the BBC World Service radio in 2014 in their show The Why Factor to their request. In 2015, Laurent Langlais was one of the main speaker at the prestigious UK Feng Shui Society conference in London, on the subject of the 3 Lucks: or how to change our destiny by knowing our selves (Bazi) and change our home and actions (Feng Shui).
He is a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild. He has also been long been involved with the leading foundation in traditional nutrition and healing: the Weston A Price foundation,

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Some people do not see any improvements in their life despite applying the correct Feng Shui rules. Others require a longer time to for Feng Shui to start working, sometimes taking months or years to see just a little bit of improvement.

My unique Feng Shui approach uses Classical Feng Shui and Bazi to bring you real Feng Shui results - faster, more powerful, and longer-lasting.

My Unique Feng Shui Approach

I apply Classical Feng Shui instead of the New-Age Feng Shui. I was trained by the Han Wu San Yuan lineage, using methods that are tried and true.
Your Bazi gives you much more information than your Kua. I use your Bazi to design a unique Feng Shui solution that'll bring the most Feng Shui benefit to you.

What I can help you achieve

Each year influences Feng Shui differently. I take time into consideration and make the proper adjustments to bring the most benefit to you.
For BUSINESSES, I can help you...
  1. Increase merchandise turnover
  2. Increase employee productivity
  3. Attract the right people to your ogranization
  4. Achieve stability throughout the year
  5. Design places that attract consumer
For HOUSES or APARTMENTS, I can help you...
  1. Strengthen your relationship and love life
  2. Establish family harmony
  3. Support the development of your children
  4. Experience more harmonious friendships
  5. Improve your financial situation
  6. Improve your everyday life and well-being

If you're still struggling to make Feng Shui to work, or still waiting for results to come, I can help.

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