The Feng Shui Matrix

Ebook Version

Chapter One
Surreal Estate 101
• How Much Does Feng Shui Affect Us?
• Your Best Place to Meditate, Concentrate, or Relax
• How to See the Invisible Energies Called “Ch’i”
• Common Feng Shui Terms

Chapter Two
Rome Wasn’t Feng-Shuied In a Day
• How to Create an Accurate Floor Plan Sketch
• How to Divide Up the Sections of the Floor Plan
• How to Diagnose an Apartment Verses a House
• Have Compass, Will Travel
• How to Locate Relevant Directions Outside of the House
• The Influence of the Current Era Energies (2004-2023)

Chapter Three
Have You Hugged Your House Today?
• How to Choose the Best Color for the Exterior
• Yin-Yang Theory to Define the Orientation of a House
• Yin-Yang Balance
• Meditation for Yin-Yang Balance
• Extreme Colors
• How to Choose the Best Colors for the Interior
• Feng Shui Principles for Gardens and Landscapes

Chapter Four
Put Your Money Where Your House Is
• Using Water for Prosperity
• Your Personal Wealth Direction
• How to Win Friends and Influence People
• Family Harmony and a Good Public Image
• Your Personal Creativity Direction
• Your Personal Cosmic Savings Account
• Lucky Money Spot
• Flying Star 8

Chapter Five
I Spend; Therefore, I Am
• The Draining Direction
• Other Ways People Lose Their Money
• Personal Setbacks and Poor Finances

Chapter Six
What’s Love Got to Do With It?
• Close Encounters of the Romantic Kind
• Happiness and Fertility
• Energy That Can Make You Lonely or Depressed
• Energy That Can Make You More Argumentative
• Portable Feng Shui Remedies
• Personal Compatibility With Others
• The Opposition Signs in Chinese Astrology
• The “No Marriage” House
• How Important Is the Wedding Date?

Chapter Seven
The Hidden Agenda of Your House
• The Center of Your House and What Activates It
• What the Center of a House Indicates
• 72 Different House Types
• A Word About “Robbery” Energy
• Pick Your Poison

Chapter Eight
If These Walls Could Talk
• Who Moved My Ch’i?
• The “High Drama” House: Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll
• The Power of Feng Shui in the Wrong Hands
• The Sixteen Basic House Types Being Built in Period 8 (2004-2023)
• How Important Is It to “Match” Your House Type?
• The Blueprint for Balanced Living

8 Chapters, 176 pages