Feng Shui for Skeptics

Ebook Version

Chapter One:
Ground Rules
• The most important areas of your house.
• The four major components that go into an evaluation.
• The different schools of feng shui.

Chapter Two:
The Shapes of Things to Come
• How different shaped houses affect you.
• Examples of flawed floor plans.

Chapter Three:
Is That A Compass In Your Pocket (Or Are You Just Glad to See Me)?
• How to perform an accurate compass reading.
• How to correctly divide up a floor plan.
• The symbolism of each direction.
• How health and family dynamics are influenced by the house.
• Avoiding problems with construction and remodels.

Chapter Four:
Timing Is Everything
• How the year of construction can determine good or bad feng shui.
• How the annual cycles of a house can affect people.
• Remedies for both annual and long term bad cycles.

Chapter Five:
Real Case Study House Types
• Specific house types that can contribute to divorce, creativity, crime, insanity,ghosts, infertility, romance, wealth.
• The O.J. Simpson Estate, The Erik and Lyle Menendez house.
• Four Major House Types and how to enhance them.

Chapter Six:
One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor
• Subjective aspects to feng shui.
• How your birth year determines health issues and sleeping directions.

Chapter Seven:
Real Feng Shui Verses Fake Feng Shui
• Complementary fields that get mistaken for feng shui.
• Popular myths and superstitions.
• Three different interpretations of the same house.
• Consumer tips for what constitutes a qualified practitioner.

Chapter Eight:
Commercial Uses For Feng Shui
• The feng shui priorities in designing or evaluating different types of businesses.

Chapter Nine:
Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

140 pages