The kitchen is a crucial zone in Feng Shui because it is considered the heart of a home. It is where the inhabitants prepare food and drink to nourish their physical and spiritual well-being, and it is also where they work with powerful forces like fire.

But now that modern kitchens are so different from the ancient Chinese kitchens where Feng Shui was first practiced, what Feng Shui kitchen principles still hold? Here, top contributors Uncle Dixer and Kartar Diamond give their opinions on the proper placement of stoves and dishwashers.

How Should You Position Your Stove and Dishwasher?

One reader wrote to Uncle Dixer:

Dear Uncle Dixer: In our kitchen, the stove and dishwasher are fixed next to each other. Is this wrong per Feng Shui? If yes, how to fix it without replacing any of these appliances? Thanks so much.            

Uncle Dixer’s reply was as follows:

In your case, Fire and Water can go together quite well because Fire rises and Water flows down. The stove is above and the dishwasher is below the bench top, so they don’t clash with each other in terms of the Five Phases. Thus, there is no need to worry.

It is, however, not desirable when the stove and the sink are right next to each other.

Another reader addressed a similar concern to Kartar:

Dear Kartar: Can you have the dishwasher right across from your stove? Meaning they come in a straight line? I have read that according to Feng Shui, the clash is only between the stove and the sink. I wanted some clarity with respect to the dishwasher as well and if the same rule will apply to the dishwasher too. Thank you so much.

Kartar had this insight to share:

Many of the Feng Shui guidelines that you hear about in relation to the kitchen are not relevant in modern times.  You asked about having a dishwasher across from the stove because there is a notion that this is a clash of fire and water.  But in truth, water and fire are not a constant with these appliances.  If anything, they are a big chunk of metal in the kitchen.

Another factor in the Big Picture is that even if a kitchen is not perfect Feng Shui, it does not affect the occupants anywhere near other rooms in the house, such as a bedroom or home office. Don’t worry about the stove and dishwasher alignment, nor a fridge and stove alignment or sink and stove/oven alignment.

Additional Comments

Both Kartar and Uncle Dixer agree: there’s no need to worry about the stove and the dishwasher being so close to each other. There will be no disharmony among the Five Phases and no threat to inhabitants in other spaces of the home.


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